Waterproofing Major Works

Vietnam’s largest mall, the Aeon Mall Hà Đông just outside downtown Hanoi, Vietnam, and the Adagio Fort Lauderdale Beach luxury condo tower on the Intracoastal Waterway both use Penetron crystalline technology to ensure a durable below-grade waterproofing and durable concrete structure, especially for the mall’s wastewater treatment plant.

Houston Gets More

Houston, Texas, is one of the fastest growing metro areas this decade. Metro Houston added nearly 92,000 residents last year, boosting the region’s population to nearly 7.0 million.

Who Knows Best?

Safety and responsibility go hand in hand. While regulations can spell out what should be done, the implementation depends on the people responsible for carrying out the requirements and monitoring the results.

A, My Name is ALICE

While AI—artificial or augmented intelligence, depending on your focus—is gaining traction in many industries, construction isn’t a hotbed of the technology’s implementation.