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Growing New Homes in Agricultural California

The California Central Valley, from the Cascade mountains in the north to the Tehachapi range in the south, contains about 75% of California’s irrigated land and produces about 40% of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and other table foods. It also is an area growing in residential housing.


Building Up Miami

Scientific research shows that the City of Miami faces the prospect of rising seas and warmer temperatures in the coming decades. In combination with strong hurricanes, the ULI (Urban Land Institute) assessment provided a set of recommendations for hardening the neighborhood’s infrastructure and to protect its assets.


Rising from the Ashes

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Cambridge, Mass., was converted to affordable housing in 1991 and featured a large, open bell tower and several stained-glass windows. In 2016, firefighters battled a 10-alarm fire, which ultimately led to the restoration of the affordable housing units.