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Spotlight on Energy Efficient Construction

Energy efficiency provides a number of benefits in construction and facilities management. With a combination of technology and effective design elements, energy-efficient projects can end up saving a corporate owner millions throughout the lifecycle of a facility.


Protect Our Infrastructure: Inside a Connected Plant

Critical infrastructure—a term first coined back in the 1990s—encompasses certain national infrastructure that are so vital that their destruction would have a debilitating impact on defense and economic security. What was included back then is a bit different than how the Dept. of Homeland Security defines critical infrastructure today.


Data Drives Intelligence in Construction

Machine learning, big data, AI (artificial intelligence), and the IoT (Internet of Things) are changing the way businesses across the globe operate—and technology providers are aiming at bringing predictive modeling, and AI to construction in new ways.


A Cohesive, Connected Jobsite

The notion of a connected jobsite has been espoused for years, as workers can track tools, assets, equipment, materials, and more using IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. The challenge in the past is tools and other tracking systems often operate on separate, independent platforms, making it difficult to track everything in one central location.


University Project LEEDs by Example

Bentley University, located in Waltham, Mass., is a business school with undergraduate offerings, MBA programs, and seven MS degrees. Back in 2010, Bentley finalized its Climate Action Plan, Bentley University: A Plan for Carbon Neutrality, which serves as a written roadmap to reach this carbon-neutrality goal with interim targets along the way. And now, its new 76,000-sq.ft., arena has earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.


Hospital of the Future

Hospital construction projects have been growing in recent years, as many new, large-scale hospitals have been built. FMI suggests growth will continue in healthcare construction, as it is up 6%, or $42 billion, in the first quarter of 2018 compared to 2017.


Rebuilding after Hurricanes

From hurricanes in the South to fires in the West, natural disasters have been wreaking havoc on this country, and much needs to be rebuilt. In many cases, rebuilding stronger, safer homes and buildings starts with the codes themselves.