Growing New Homes in Agricultural California

The California Central Valley, from the Cascade mountains in the north to the Tehachapi range in the south, contains about 75% of California’s irrigated land and produces about 40% of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and other table foods. It also is an area growing in residential housing.


Rising from the Ashes

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Cambridge, Mass., was converted to affordable housing in 1991 and featured a large, open bell tower and several stained-glass windows. In 2016, firefighters battled a 10-alarm fire, which ultimately led to the restoration of the affordable housing units.


The Future of CRM in Construction

The age-old business adage that the customer is king rings true in today’s always-on, always-connected society. For residential builders, this is as evident now as it has ever been, and predictions show analytics and technology are going to be key to driving forward a successful CRM (customer-relationships management) strategy.


A Look Inside High-Tech Homes

Homebuilders are demonstrating that they have the wherewithal to build high-tech homes. A closer look at the homes—and the processes and methods used to build them—show that today’s builders are on the cutting-edge of innovation and are taking some pretty unique steps forward.


Smart Construction, Aided by 3D and Prefab

Smart construction is here—and it is being spurred on by new, emerging technology and innovative building methods including 3D printing and scanning and prefabrication. Also, it is spanning all segments of construction, from residential homes to infrastructure projects.


Intelligent Manufacturing Comes to Home Construction

Perhaps one of the bigger trends for residential construction that is beginning to generate more interest lately is prefab construction. This form of construction initially emerged in the mid-1900s, with the U.K., France, and Russia being some of the first to jump into a large-scale system. Still, while many manufacturing sectors have moved from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0, construction is only starting to make the transition.