2020 Trends: Building Green

Contractors report green practices hat promoting energy efficiency are most commonly used in homes: 91% of homebuilders use energy-efficient approaches, and 69% do so on the majority of their projects. These practices may include the use of LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and right-sized, highly efficient HVAC systems. Ninety-seven percent of builders doing more than 50% of their projects green report using energy efficiency practices on more than 75% of their projects; 88% mention a tight building envelope and 61% use high-performance ventilation.


Pricy Places Plunge

No one expects Manhattan luxury homes to be cheap; they wouldn’t be luxury then. But these homes, which make up the top 20% of the market, have seen their prices fall to the lowest level since 2013. According to the final 2019 StreetEasy Market Report, homes had to be priced at or above $3.8 million to qualify as luxury—a 6.1% drop from the top threshold in the previous year. This drop in the luxury threshold indicates that many sellers have finally begun to accept lower prices in order to stand out amid the growing surplus of high-end homes. Even as price levels fell in the fourth quarter, luxury inventory expanded 12.2% over the previous year, with 4,354 homes for sale above the $3.8 million threshold.


AI in Your Future?

Artificial intelligence is no longer a dream, but simply not yet the nightmare that some have predicted. Although the term AI—otherwise known as artificial intelligence—is used in many different areas, it doesn’t really have an agreed upon definition. Some use AI to describe AGI (artificial general intelligence), an intelligence capable of completing a wide range of tasks like human intelligence, while others use AI to describe narrow AI, an AI that can perform a single task or a few tasks with high competence.


Apartment Trends in 2020

Multifamily housing can be broken down into two main categories, rental apartments and condos. According to the NAHB (National Assn. of Home Builders), apartment production has returned to pre-recession levels and vacancies are low, but more new apartment homes are needed. Research shows that 22% of young adults—ages 25 to 34—still live with their parents, a trend that will continue to create a drag on household formation in 2020-2025. The challenges that group faces include student debt, rising rents, and even competition with seniors who opt to downsize to a smaller home or apartment.


Affordable Housing Materials

Cornerstone Building Brands, a manufacturer of exterior building products, launched its Home for Good project to help address the affordable housing crisis. What about turning to celebrity participation in a project to improve the chances of success? Well, in 2016, Cornerstone Building Brands, a manufacturer of exterior building products, launched its Home for Good project to help address the affordable housing crisis. This year, it will partner with country music star Luke Bryan to continue its efforts. More than 18 million U.S. households (1 in 6) pay 50% or more of their income on housing, forgoing personal and economic stability that safe, decent, and affordable housing provides. Not having access to affordable housing takes a toll on the health and wellness of families.


Housing Trends—2020

Affordable, smart, and green—key words in the current housing market as builders vie with existing housing for buyers. According to the (NAHB) National Assn. of Home Builders), single-family housing starts should continue to grow in 2020. Fueled by solid job growth and low mortgage rates, demand should remain firm. Even so, builders are “underbuilding” as they continue to struggle with rising construction costs, a chronic shortage of workers, and a lack of buildable lots.


Growing New Homes in Agricultural California

The California Central Valley, from the Cascade mountains in the north to the Tehachapi range in the south, contains about 75% of California’s irrigated land and produces about 40% of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and other table foods. It also is an area growing in residential housing.


Rising from the Ashes

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Cambridge, Mass., was converted to affordable housing in 1991 and featured a large, open bell tower and several stained-glass windows. In 2016, firefighters battled a 10-alarm fire, which ultimately led to the restoration of the affordable housing units.