Weis Builders Leverages ERP

Weis Builders was founded back in 1939 and serves clients nationwide today as a third-generation, family-owned general contractor. Since the beginning, the company has maintained a reputation for building solid relationships and continues to exceed client expectations today.


Hotels as Community Benefits

Hotels can be destinations or places to stop on the way to someplace else. They can be single purpose or multipurpose, combining event facilities, dining and meeting places, overnight accommodations, and local shops and trades. The more functionality that can be centered on the hotel structure, the better the chances for success and benefits to the community.


Southwest Meets Southeast in Modular Homes

When a regional builder wants to expand, it can go national through acquisition. When a national builder wants to expand, acquisition is also possible route. Cavco Industries, headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., designs and produces factory-built housing products primarily distributed through a national network of independent and company-owned retailers.


YWCA Renovation in Massachusetts

The East Coast and North East have some historical landmarks that are in need of safety and quality improvements. Those projects usually get the most attention while other buildings that are nearly as old are remodeled and renovated without a lot of publicity.


Improving Estimating and Document Management

Estimating a job is difficult and gets even harder when there are multiple factors and vendors involved. Making the process easier can improve both the time to contract and the accuracy of the estimate. Simplifying the estimating process, therefore, can benefit the contractor and the client.


Baseball, Hot Dogs, and Astroturf?

The University of Evansville, Evansville, Ind., baseball team, the Aces, will be putting its feet on a new surface as its stadium undergoes a major renovation this year, including a new AstroTurf synthetic turf field. The facility will be getting more than a greener look as the face-lift will include padded walls throughout the stadium, new fence lines down the first and third base lines, dugout and bullpen renovations, a new LED scoreboard, as well as the AstroTurf premium playing surface. The updated venue will be named German American Bank Field at Charles H. Braun Stadium.


Big by Any Measure

Airports are measured in several ways to determine which is “the largest” in the world. One test is simple: how large an area does the airport cover? In this regard, the King Fahd Intl. Airport in Saudi Arabia is the largest airport by area, covering a massive 485 square miles.


Toys No More: Drones Become Serious Tools

The camera drone—also called a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)—has moved from the toy department to the construction company’s tool supplier. Buzzing about, checking the site and the work, drones are becoming as familiar on the job as hard hats and safety vests. And like those ubiquitous safety equipment staples, drones have a place in protecting workers as well as feeding high-level information to the boss.


More than Just Ronald’s House

Ray Kroc built an empire from 15-cent hamburgers and 10-cent fries. It’s called McDonald’s.  Since his death in 1984, the Kroc Foundation has supported numerous causes, but perhaps its face to the world has been Ronald McDonald and the Ronald McDonald House, a nonprofit that provides free housing for parents close to medical facilities where their children are receiving care.