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Will We Learn from Lynchburg?

The situation last week in Lynchburg, Va., was one no one wanted to read or write about, let alone live through, but it seems Mother Nature has little regard for human comfort and, at times, even human life. Heavy rainfall in Lynchburg put infrastructure back on everyone’s minds, as the potential collapse of the College Lake Dam weighed heavy on the minds of Virginians and Americans everywhere for several days.


Inside Smart Buildings of Today

Buildings are getting smarter. Today, materials have embedded technology that enable them to make decisions about how the building should operate more efficiently. Additionally, IoT (Internet of Things) platform allows a building manager to make decisions related to a building’s performance based on realtime data and insights. All of this is coming together to help create smarter buildings.


The Road to Autonomous Vehicles in Construction

Today, there is a rising awareness of the need for greater road safety and to improve existing transportation performance. A combination of more vehicles on the road, high traffic congestion, and greater urbanization are all leading to the implementation of ITS (intelligent transportation systems).


Spotlight on Energy Efficient Construction

Energy efficiency provides a number of benefits in construction and facilities management. With a combination of technology and effective design elements, energy-efficient projects can end up saving a corporate owner millions throughout the lifecycle of a facility.


The Fight for Data Security

Data is king in today’s connected world. In the enterprise realm, gathering data from machines helps businesses gain insight into key systems and processes that can lead decisonmakers to the Holy Grail of operations: maximum efficiency. At the same time, the ability to gather data on individuals also helps businesses gain insight into their current and potential customer base. In both contexts, malicious players are on the prowl, looking for ways to exploit the data businesses gather from devices, people, and machines. Device security and data privacy, therefore, has never been more important than it is right now.


Protect Our Infrastructure: Inside a Connected Plant

Critical infrastructure—a term first coined back in the 1990s—encompasses certain national infrastructure that are so vital that their destruction would have a debilitating impact on defense and economic security. What was included back then is a bit different than how the Dept. of Homeland Security defines critical infrastructure today.