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Spotlight on Energy Efficient Construction

Energy efficiency provides a number of benefits in construction and facilities management. With a combination of technology and effective design elements, energy-efficient projects can end up saving a corporate owner millions throughout the lifecycle of a facility.


The Fight for Data Security

Data is king in today’s connected world. In the enterprise realm, gathering data from machines helps businesses gain insight into key systems and processes that can lead decisonmakers to the Holy Grail of operations: maximum efficiency. At the same time, the ability to gather data on individuals also helps businesses gain insight into their current and potential customer base. In both contexts, malicious players are on the prowl, looking for ways to exploit the data businesses gather from devices, people, and machines. Device security and data privacy, therefore, has never been more important than it is right now.


Protect Our Infrastructure: Inside a Connected Plant

Critical infrastructure—a term first coined back in the 1990s—encompasses certain national infrastructure that are so vital that their destruction would have a debilitating impact on defense and economic security. What was included back then is a bit different than how the Dept. of Homeland Security defines critical infrastructure today.


Hospital of the Future

Hospital construction projects have been growing in recent years, as many new, large-scale hospitals have been built. FMI suggests growth will continue in healthcare construction, as it is up 6%, or $42 billion, in the first quarter of 2018 compared to 2017.


Supporting Sustainable Cities

Buildings are currently responsible for roughly one-third of global energy consumption, and about 30% of global energy-related CO2 emissions and 20% of total CO2 emissions. To help, two organizations are now partnering in an effort to measurably reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiencies in buildings.


Funding Fuels Construction

As of late, there has been an infusion of funds into many of the young tech startups coming out of Silicon Valley and across the country. But will this money help to jumpstart innovation in the construction industry?


IT Challenges Construction

As investments rise for new technology on the jobsite, investment in the resources that are needed to manage them must also rise. The SIM (Society for Information Management),, is reporting IT budgets have increased by 23%, raising total investments to $107 million in 2017.


Investments Prepare AEC Integration

Integration enables construction companies to improve business processes by linking model data to other business process in the office and at the jobsite—and now new investments could further this trend in the future.