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Supporting Sustainable Cities

Buildings are currently responsible for roughly one-third of global energy consumption, and about 30% of global energy-related CO2 emissions and 20% of total CO2 emissions. To help, two organizations are now partnering in an effort to measurably reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiencies in buildings.


Funding Fuels Construction

As of late, there has been an infusion of funds into many of the young tech startups coming out of Silicon Valley and across the country. But will this money help to jumpstart innovation in the construction industry?


IT Challenges Construction

As investments rise for new technology on the jobsite, investment in the resources that are needed to manage them must also rise. The SIM (Society for Information Management),, is reporting IT budgets have increased by 23%, raising total investments to $107 million in 2017.


Investments Prepare AEC Integration

Integration enables construction companies to improve business processes by linking model data to other business process in the office and at the jobsite—and now new investments could further this trend in the future.


Renewable Power Sources Lab Expanded

Today’s demand for a smarter and more resilient power grid requires a leap forward in planning, analysis, and assessment of everything from load flows and reliability, to operational efficiency, standards compliance, and total lifecycle costs. As part of an effort to assist the T&D (transmission and distribution) in