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New Era for Rail Construction

Of all the infrastructure grades from the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), rail has received the highest grade of a B on the most recent report card. The transportation system has been critical for the U.S. in years past—and will continue to have new needs in the years ahead.


IIoT: How It Factors into Construction

The IIoT (industrial IoT) is often referred to in conjunction with manufacturing and automated factories—so how might this impact the construction industry in the months ahead? With a rise in pre-fab manufacturing and the move toward off-site production methods, the construction industry stands to benefit from the rise in the IIoT, as much as any other vertical market.


Women in a Digital Era

The digital era, characterized by automation and advances in robotics, machine learning, and AI (artificial intelligence) has transformed the relationship between humans and machines. And while this has allowed construction businesses to automate and, often, get work done more quickly and efficiently, it has also given rise to many questions about the future of work.


Cybersecurity and BIM Collide for Smart Buildings

Intelligent building solutions are beginning to pique the interest of building owners, as smart buildings become more connected and interactive. However, this could act as a gateway to business data that owners and operators would rather keep private—as such, cybersecurity often enters into the discussion. To avoid being vulnerable to such breaches, owners and operators are looking to invest in cybersecurity, and their investments could help define the future and trajectory of intelligent building security solutions.


Smart Construction, Aided by 3D and Prefab

Smart construction is here—and it is being spurred on by new, emerging technology and innovative building methods including 3D printing and scanning and prefabrication. Also, it is spanning all segments of construction, from residential homes to infrastructure projects.


Top 3 Ways to Achieve Greater Construction Efficiencies

The construction industry is booming—particularly heavy/highway projects. At the same time, construction is facing a skilled labor shortage that is requiring projects to be managed more effectively. There are many ways to improve this efficiency through leveraging new technology—including these three ways to enhance operations using project-management software, estimating technology, and more.


Intelligent Manufacturing Comes to Home Construction

Perhaps one of the bigger trends for residential construction that is beginning to generate more interest lately is prefab construction. This form of construction initially emerged in the mid-1900s, with the U.K., France, and Russia being some of the first to jump into a large-scale system. Still, while many manufacturing sectors have moved from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0, construction is only starting to make the transition.


Residential Construction Turns to Prefab

With challenges present on both the demand and supply sides of the equation, the economic outlook for residential construction suggests growth, but growth that’s slow and choppy rather than swift and smooth. On the demand side of the coin, challenges include higher interest rates and rising home prices that are stifling demand. On the supply side of the coin, materials and labor costs have escalated in the past few years, cramping profit margins for homebuilders.


Inside Infrastructure Projects of the Future

It is well reported that there is a need for federal and state investment in transportation, public buildings, water systems, and other vital infrastructure. Not only does it ensure secure and safe systems, but it is also essential to creating good jobs and economic recovery.