Newforma Project Cloud
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1750 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03104

Quality Control in the Field
Newforma recognizes the importance of coordination in construction. Newforma Project Cloud, a relative newcomer onto the scene, integrates project information from the design, construction, and owner’s teams while automating multiple project workflows to reduce risk, save time, improve transparency, and ultimately enhance project delivery. The cloud-hosted solution leverages a single document repository for critical collaboration among all project members. Key to its success in the past year has been continued mobile integration, including new field-management capabilities for mobile devices. These capabilities include new tools and features that enable tighter management of spatial attributes and quality control in the field.

“Newforma Project Cloud is a stellar collaboration tool for construction professionals, and field-management features have taken this product up a notch. The ability to capture and review RFIs and quality-control elements in realtime from a mobile device is huge for this industry.”
Constructech editors

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