Today, construction companies can tap into an arsenal of tools and technologies to help perform work in a way that is productive and safe. Technology companies continue to come to market with new products aimed at improving business processes. Here’s a closer look at some of the new products and platforms on the market today.

Modeling Moves Forward
BIM (building information modeling) continues to advances, offering construction professionals the ability to use technology to improve business processes. One area in particular that is seeing an infusion of new capabilities is 4D modeling.

Bentley Systems recently announced that it has expanded its SYNCHRO portfolio to better address civil infrastructure projects. The SYNCHRO Construction Modeler application brings specialized 4D capabilities for linear projects by making design models constructible, eliminating the remodeling construction firms undertake to generate cost estimates. The product also enables model-based quantity takeoffs with a new set of capabilities to transform the design model.

Bentley has also released SYNCHRO Field and SYNCHRO Control applications, which support project management, construction document control, field management, and progress dashboards, which gives users the opportunity to create a holistic and integrated construction digital twin. To learn more about how the digital twin will impact construction, check out the latest episode of Constructech TV. The applications leverage the digital twin logic and iTwins technology, including the 4D mixed reality construction environment using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.

Apps Guide Construction
One of the benefits of apps in the construction industry is they offer the ability to do calculations—and they can often be done for free on mobile devices. Now, a new app will enable construction companies to calculate macrosynthetic fiber.

GCP Applied Technologies recently introduced a new mobile app that calculates dosage rates for STRUX 90/40 macrosynthetic fibers for use in different concrete applications. STRUX high strength synthetic macro-fibers are specifically engineered to provide post-crack protection. They help reduce construction time and labor costs over steel welded wire mesh or traditional rebar reinforcement.

In the app, users select the application method such as: slab on ground, elevated composite deck, or septic tank, and then the app guides them through a set of criteria to determine the appropriate dosage rate to replace traditional steel reinforcement for temperature and shrinkage crack control with STRUX 90/40 fibers. The app is free for download in the Apple App store and Google Play.

This app will help save time and resources in identifying the right amount and type of macrosynthetic fibers needed for each concrete batch.

These are just a few examples of new announcements related to technology advancements in construction, bringing new productivity to the industry.

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