The COVID-19 pandemic has caused numerous changes in safety regulations on jobsites throughout the country. While many projects have workers naturally spaced apart, comparable to the six-foot social distance in government proposals, other aspects of the jobsite have been of concern to workers and contractors alike.

In response to the general lack of government guidance on the subject of jobsite safety, many member companies of the AGC (Associate General Contractors of America)  is holding a stand down for safety action on Thursday, April 9, 20. On that day, hundreds of construction firms across the country will stop work and hold coronavirus-focused safety meetings as part of a nationwide safety campaign.

During the stand downs, crews will stop work, break into small, socially distanced groups, and reinforce the safety procedures and practices that all construction workers must follow to protect themselves and the public from the spread of the coronavirus. The primary objective of the safety stand downs is to protect workers and the public amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The time for the stand down will vary based on type of project, location, time zone, and other factors. Several of the participating firms have agreed to allow media to attend and cover the safety stand downs, hopefully allowing local residents to see the importance contractors are placing on the safety of their workers, the project, and the community in general. While the stand down is in progress, all appropriate safety measures will be followed, by workers, contractors and the invited media.

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