Mark Systems announced today a major management restructuring designed to position the company for continued significant growth.

Effective immediately, the company has formed a Board of Directors consisting of Donald Scattergood, Scott A. Duman, and Mark Finelli. The Board of Directors will work with management to develop and maintain policies and establish the strategic objectives of the Company. Mr. Finelli will serve as Chairman of the Board. Both Mr. Finelli and Mr. Scattergood will begin transitioning day-to-day operational duties to the next generation of management.

Mr. Duman, formerly Vice President, will assume the role of President and CEO. Jerry Highberger, formerly Director of Operations, has been promoted to Vice President of Operations and CFO. Robert Cain, formerly Vice President of Consulting Services, will serve as Vice President of Marketing, Sales, and Services. Stephen R. Nell, formerly Software Architect and Lead Software Engineer, based in Louisiana, has been promoted to the role of Vice President of Engineering and Product Development and will be transferring to the Mark Systems’ corporate headquarters in New Jersey.

“The new organizational structure signals change and it is change evolving from a position of strength. Mark Systems is experiencing significant growth, with new customer sales increasing over 100% in 2015. The goal is to align the organization to better seek, obtain, and serve customers. This reorganization acknowledges the skills and contributions of the next generation of management, and will allow us to continue to build market share and create greater opportunities for growth throughout the organization,” said Mark Finelli, Chairman of the Board.