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Stand Up

For those of you who know me, you know I am a soft-spoken, but get-things-done kind of girl, and I am incredibly encouraged to see so many of my mentors honored on the pages of this issue of Constructech magazine.

What’s New in the World of Construction Technology

Giving contractors instant access to information on the jobsite is a goal of many construction companies and wearable devices are helping them reach that goal.

Building the Foundation for IoT

When it comes to welcoming innovation, there is no set timeline. Each industry moves at its own pace, and construction is no different. At the forefront of these changes is the IoT (Internet of Things).

3 Steps to Locking Down both Visible and Invisible Assets

No matter the size of your company, chances are you worry about security on a daily basis. Your first thought may be to chain, lock, and hoist 100-ft. in the air any equipment on the jobsite.

Life on the BIM Island

BIM (building information modeling) is following the same maturation process as other project-management tools in construction.

Are You “Butchering” Your Business?

Wheeler’s Fine Foods changed how I look at things. Although just an after school, weekend, and holiday gig, this family-run grocery store I worked at as a kid had a sizable meat department with two old European butchers behind the case. I remember the sawdust covered wooden floors, well-worn butcher blocks, and handmade signs in the case advertising various cuts of the day.

The Charge for Greater Innovation – Women in Construction 2017

Women are rising up the ranks in construction companies, and contributing to the use of technology across an organization, but the numbers still tell an interesting story about the status of women in AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) occupations last year.

Blazing a Trail – Women Consultants in Construction 2017

“One who gives professional advice or service.” This is the definition given for consultants, and in the construction industry, these individuals provide the insight and knowledge to help construction companies take their firms to the next level.

Smart Strategies for Subs

Subcontractors that use technology often find they have a competitive advantage over others. They are able to bid faster and more accurately, and they are able to complete projects on razor thin margins.

Framework for Better Estimating

Kenpat USA,, Apopka, Fla., was founded on the desire to create a drywall and ceiling company that was set far apart from others, and brought together two organizations that had a history in this space. It also brings something else into the fold—technology.