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Tech Day Helps Subcontractors Manage Data

Subcontractors need to cater to the needs of both the general contractor and the owner—which often means using multiple disparate systems on different projects. This creates challenges within the company. Construction companies need the right software tools to that have the machine intelligence to capture anomalies.


Specialty Publishing Media Unveils Constructech TV Video for Contractors and Builders

As anticipation builds for the first Baseline to Build On event, Constructech magazine is unveiling Constructech TV, a new Web-based streaming video program, educating contractors and builders on the coolest solutions for the office and the jobsite. The Internet-based series will go beyond its media company’s tech-driven publication—now celebrating its 20th anniversary—by providing viewers with tips and techniques on hand tools, safety, and other machinery.


Constructech Joins Forces with Construction Leaders to Spearhead Initiative to Set New Technology Standard for Industry

The IoT (Internet of Things) is set to offer endless opportunities in infrastructure and construction in the coming years. The challenge is that all these connected devices are changing so swiftly that it is becoming burdensome to create a strategy for how to leverage all this data. This digital transformation is rapidly altering the workforce in the office to the field. To address this vicissitude, Constructech is announcing an initiative, alongside some of the construction industry’s most progressive construction professionals, to develop a data-based protocol for commercial and residential organizations.