The integration of the IoT (Internet of Things) on construction jobsites is helping construction companies save costs on lost and stolen equipment. Technology proves to be a solution to find expensive equipment that is not registered under a database.

The partnership between CalAmp and RoviTracker is a case in point. Leveraging RoviTracker’s software solution powered by data from the CTC (CalAmp Telematics Cloud), while using CalAmp’s SC1004 and iOn Tag smart sensors, construction jobsites now have a solution to prevent stolen equipment, all while raising the chances of recovering the assets.

The RoviTracker software collects data like engine runtime, battery voltage, solar change, fuel level, integrated video surveillance, motion, and more. The CTC is a cloud-based, enterprise platform capable of connecting to remote devices and assets. The CalAmp iOn Tag can be attached to any tool or asset, and with the SC1004 device, users can track temperature and location data.

Construction site managers can set the geographical boundaries of an asset or tool with the attached iOn tag through the RoviTracker mobile app. Users will also receive realtime notifications when an asset or tool leaves the marked zone.

The CalAmp and RoviTracker solution gives companies the ability to gather reports and historical data across their inventory by the coverage area of the SC1004 asset visibility gateway. Companies will not need to rely on smartphone apps, but simply the hardware itself.

Leveraging the IoT and tracking devices can help construction companies keep track of their assets’ location throughout the worksite, ensuring site managers the recovery of valuable goods. By connecting sensors, tags, and devices to the cloud, construction companies can prevent lost or stolen goods.

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