As of Monday, July 22, 2019, New York City’s electric utility, Con Edison, had crews working to restore power to about 33,000 electric customers in the southeast Brooklyn neighborhoods of Canarsie, Flatlands, Mill Basin, Old Mill Basin, Bergen Beach, and Georgetown due to continued heat and high usage.

Across the entire service area, about 53,000 customers were without electricity due to the continued heat and high usage. Customers in New York City and Westchester County set a record for peak power usage on Sunday, July 21, when readings hit 12,063 megawatts at 6 p.m. Con Edison made a preemptive move to take those customers in southeast Brooklyn out of service in order to protect vital equipment and to help restore power as soon as possible.

The affected area is bounded by Kings Highway and Ditmas Avenue on the north; Belt Parkway and the Marine Parkway Bridge on the south; East 108th Street on the east; and Flatbush Avenue on the west.

Company crews are working now to repair the problems. Con Edison advises customers in the affected areas to switch off or unplug electrical appliances to avoid potential damage to the appliances when power is restored.

Con Edison warns customers to avoid opening freezers to see if food is still frozen. Every time the freezer is opened, room-temperature air enters and speeds the thawing process. Most fully loaded freezers will keep food frozen for approximately 36 to 48 hours; half-full freezers will keep food frozen for approximately 24 hours.

Of course, Con Edison regrets the service interruption to its customers and is working to restore service as quickly as possible. Blackouts and power interruptions have become a summer tradition in New York where much of the infrastructure has been in place for generations.

The equipment problems in the affected areas have no effect on the rest of the Con Edison system. Con Edison will provide updates to affected customers both directly and through the media as the situation warrants. The company is in constant communication with the New York City Office of Emergency Management.

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