Constructech Winter 2019

Guest Column – Winter 2019

Water, Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink Did you ever feel that there is a sea of talent all around us, but we still suffer the effects of the skilled-labor shortage? Some firms seem to have figured this out, while others report finding quality workers is as challenging as it has been in prior years.

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From the Owner – Winter 2019

Claims and Mediations: Post-Construction Services It seems that as every large project winds down and prepares for handover to the owner’s facilities and operations teams; be it hospital, transit center, or bridge, they seem to follow the same cadence. Large claims and finalized disputes are collected, packaged, and delivered to the owner who hands these toxic assets to designated teams of reviewers, who, working for both owner and design team, attempt to research and respond to the demands for repair and recompense from their aggrieved construction partners.

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Take-Offs – Winter 2019

Smart Tech, Smarter Construction Data-driven insights from AI (artificial intelligence) and BI (business intelligence) is enabling construction workers to design and execute their skills more precisely, quickly, and accurately on-site. The technologies have replaced old-fashioned measuring tape, best estimates, and after-the-fact readjustments.

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The Construction Report – Winter 2019

Top Five for 2019 and Beyond Each year brings with it new opportunities to leverage technology in pioneering ways. However, it is critical to understand how technology is evolving today—and will continue to advance in the future—in order to implement the right systems and procedures. To help, these five predictions give insight into how the IT (information technology) space is advancing with new, emerging technologies such as the IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and more. This will help guide construction businesses through 2019 and beyond.

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