Constructech Winter 2017

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Firsts and Seconds A Changing Industry The Construction Report What’s New in the World of Construction Technology Take-Offs Building the Digital Future Industry Insights Using Manufacturing Technique [...]

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Settling global construction disputes

The digital era has ushered in significant improvements for the construction industry, from computer-aided drafting technology to BIM (building information modeling) software. The same is true for communications tools that help keep time and costs within budgetary constraints.

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A Shake Up with the Labor Shortage

Leveraging the Internet of Things can help construction find skilled workers

An underlying issue is impacting nearly every construction company in business today—one that’s been haunting the industry since the economic downturn circa 2008—a skilled labor shortage in  the construction industry.
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Which Vision will shine?

“Leaders are limited by their vision rather than by their abilities.” These words from thought leader and author Roy Bennett ring true for many construction companies in the United States.

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But How Do It Know?

But How Do It Know?

Many years ago, at the advent of the PC era, our building’s custodian came into my office and noticed several different machines doing a variety of things.

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The Owner’s Role in BIM

The Owner’s Role in BIM

Is BIM (building information modeling) just design and construction means and methods? Or more is BIM something more for the industry?

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Just Tap and Go Anytime, Anywhere with Smart Technology

Just Tap and Go Anytime, Anywhere with Smart Technology

The technology revolution wrought by the Apple iPhone is one genie we can’t put back in the bottle. There is no turning back the clock to before the 2007 Apple iPhone release—especially for the construction industry. Think of all the technology that we rely on heavily today—from texting, social media, and mobile technology to cameras, weather tracking, and cutting-edge.

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Building the Digital Future

When it comes to welcoming innovation, there is no set timeline. Each industry moves at its own pace, and construction is no different. At the forefront of these changes is the IoT (Internet of Things).

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