Constructech Summer 2018

The Construction Report Summer 2018

Emerging Tech to Keep an Eye On -  The iPhone turned the construction industry on its head, changing the way work is performed in the office and at the jobsite—and causing construction companies to change the way technology is implemented. What is the next big technology that is coming to projects? Everything from wearables, to robots, to drones, are being touted as the next big thing, but perhaps one of the best ways to know what is coming is to take a glimpse into some of the most cutting-edge research being conducted at universities today.

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From the Owner Summer 2018

Measuring the Value of Construction Soft Costs -  To gain transparency into the process of design and construction, detailing, and BIM (building information modeling) activities, owners need a way to monitor the construction coordination process. Construction coordination activities are listed as an overhead cost in the contractor’s general conditions.

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Guest Column Summer 2018

Is It Time for a Healer? -  In my community in Fla., we have a new Salvador Dali museum on the waterfront of Tampa Bay, designed and built by the HOK/Moore/Beck team. Being in Fla., this structure has to sustain storm surges up to 25 feet high, winds of (Category 5) 165 MPH, and bi-polar weather that can drive engineers crazy.

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Take-Offs Summer 2018

Drones Fly High Hailing Data -  Drones are becoming ubiquitous at construction jobsites, with project managers crediting them for providing pinpoint accurate data and safer circumstances.

So how do construction companies best manage all the data coming off of the radio-controlled aircraft? One way is to understand the many ways that the data can be transmitted and used, experts say.

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The Constructech 50 Summer 2018

Construction's Best Software, Hardware, Tools, and Equipment Companies -  Six. We started at 50. That’s the exact number of companies that have remained on the Constructech 50 since it’s inauguration in 2009. This illustrates how the construction-technology landscape continues to unfold. It also shows how companies are evolving and how the industry is consistently transforming itself. What’s more, this only proves that construction technology is stepping out of the shadows and is so dramatically different today than it was almost a decade ago. And here’s why: acquisitions, innovations, and stricter judging requirements.

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Firsts and Seconds Summer 2018

It’s Not about Products -  I want to be very clear. The Constructech 50 is not about the most innovative technology in the construction industry. Rather, it is about the companies.

This list, and much of this issue, is all about the companies that are driving change. These organizations are inspiring their employees; they are generating some pretty impressive revenue; they are providing service and education; and, perhaps most importantly, they are partnering with construction companies to help build a better tomorrow.

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Kyocera Q&A Summer 2018

Making the Right Move with Mobile Devices -  Put your days of shattered phone displays behind you. Rugged devices offer a lower total cost of ownership. Laura Black, editor of Constructech magazine, sits down with Drew Wilken, director of product planning, at Kyocera International’s Communications Equipment Group,, to discuss mobile devices in construction. They discuss hardware, software, and why rugged devices are so important in construction today.

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