Constructech Spring 2019

Enabling Technology – Spring 2019

Automation and the Worker of the Future As most construction companies already know, the labor shortage is causing a ripple effect that is hitting nearly every business. The lack of skilled labor is impacting productivity, schedule performance, and safety on the jobsite. According to the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics),, Washington, D.C., there were nearly 400,000 job opening in the construction industry in December—up from 294,000 in November. The number of vacant positions continues to skyrocket, as the labor shortage surges.

Guest Column – Spring 2019

Can You Support the Weight of The Elephant in the Living Room? A friend once told me that an elephant weighs in the neighborhood of 3 tons. And that those huge ears represented a hundred pounds or so per ear of the elephant’s total weight. I also learned that their enlarged ear bones as well as sensitive nerve endings in their feet and trunks allow elephants to pick up these underground or infrasonic messages.

Take-Offs – Spring 2019

The Rise of the Healthy Home Millennials make up the largest segment of new construction homebuyers at 32%, according to the New Construction Consumer Housing Trends Report from Zillow Group,, Seattle, Wash.—and there is a rising type of new homes that this group wants today: the healthy home.

Technology Solutions – Spring 2019

Infrastructure: Building Tomorrow 100 years. A lot has changed in the past 10 decades: policy, process, technology, and the way construction professionals build projects. The progress that has taken place in the last 100 years can point to the next steps for building smarter infrastructure that will last the next 100 years.

The Construction Report – Spring 2019

Staggering Statistics Many people might remember when Cisco,, San Jose, Calif., predicted that there would be 50 billion devices by 2020. We aren’t quite on pace to hit that number in the next year. However, big predictions do point construction toward trends to watch. Today, this includes the IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, robotics, and more. In fact, many construction companies are already leveraging these advanced systems. Here’s a closer look at the biggest predictions today.

Firsts & Seconds – Spring 2019

Infrastructure and Tech: What’s Next? This one phrase has probably been said more often than any other here at the Specialty Publishing office: the pace of change isn’t going to slow down. Peggy has said it time and time again. The evolution of technology is only going to speed up—and businesses must respond.

Heavy Equipment Operators Award – Spring 2019

Heavy Equipment Operators Award - Women Dig Deep, Showing Their Grit We know that women have an innate and enormous capacity to persevere and rise to any occasion. With the first inaugural winners of the Women Heavy Equipment Operator awards, they’ve persisted against the odds, and they’ve done it adroitly, with care, precision, stalwartness, meticulousness, and an openness to continual learning that keeps them at the top of their game—and safe in hazardous construction and mining jobs.

Industry Insights – Spring 2019

Top 9: How to Avoid the Most Common Violations with Technology American workers owe their lives to federal health and safety standards. These rules, created and enforced by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Admin.),, Washington, D.C., are all designed to prevent injury and illness on the job.