Constructech July/Aug 2016

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The Connected Project Site

Most construction sites are a mix of old and new technologies. Teams in the trailer and field will be using fax machines along-side of iPads and cloud storage, and highlighted and marked-up drawings.

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A Changing Industry

Each year, the July/Aug issue of Constructech is perhaps one of our most widely read—as we look to identify the most influential 50 technology providers in the construction space.

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Accounting Comes Into Balance

Finance in any industry is complicated, and it’s not any easier in the construction business. Building or location leasing agreements are made constantly, many of which happen at once and are in different stages of progress.

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Constructech 50

The construction industry is changing—and the technology providers that recognize this are rising to the top, offering solutions aimed not only at improving business efficiencies and their bottomlines, but also at helping contractors and builders rethink how projects are managed at both the jobsite and the office.

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Table of Contents

Firsts and Seconds A Changing Industry     The Construction Report What’s New in the World of Construction Technology     Take-Offs Accounting Comes Into Balance     Gues [...]

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VR: Takes the Guesswork Out

For the sake of this discussion, you are an executive at a growing hospital, or maybe a real estate developer or CEO looking at renderings for your new building. You like what you see and sign off on the design, but you cannot help wondering whether the beautiful image will feel as good as it looks when you walk in the door.

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