Constructech January 2018

Guest Column

Can’t Wait to Get Back to the Jobsite Playground! -  When I was growing up, I was fortunate. My parents let me explore the world. That is, the world that I could access using my own means.

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Outlook January 2018

A Snapshot of the Future - If you look at early black-and-white photos of workers constructing the Empire State Building very few of the workers were wearing hard hats. Many were sprawled across iron beams, smoking cigarettes, and passing sheets of paper back and forth.

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Cover Story

A Look Inside Net Zero Homes -  Stories about hurricanes wrecking devastation beg the question: Would solar-powered homes that produce their own energy sustain homeowners’ lights, water, and essential needs amid increasingly disastrous weather patterns?

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The Construction Report January 2018

Top Five For 2018 -  Welcome to 2018. With a New Year comes new opportunities for growth within the residential construction market. So here are the top tech trends to keep an eye on and take advantage of in the next 12 months. These will help you build smarter and elevate your projects to the next level of innovation.

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Take-Offs January 2018

Home Automation Evolves, Again -  magine creating a house that enables the person inside to lower the blinds, turn off the air conditioning, and close the garage door all with one push of a button. In today’s residential construction landscape, it’s not just about building a house, but a home. And not just any home, but an automated one.

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Firsts and Seconds January 2018

Firsts and Seconds January 2018 -  It is that time of year that everyone is making predictions about what is to come in the year ahead—and this issue is certainly full of those—but I thought I would take a unique spin on this month’s editorial.

I thought I would look back roughly five years to see what the market pundits were predicting for today, and I have to say this little exercise was quite telling. Some of the predictions were right on the mark, while others were bold statements.

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Top Products 2018 – The Importance of Data

Top Products 2018 - The Importance of Data -  Getting the right information in the right hands at the right time has always been critical to ensuring success in the construction industry. Today, products are being newly released, upgraded, and enhanced to offer exactly what the residential construction industry needs in today’s competitive market.

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