Constructech January 2017

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Firsts and Seconds New Year, New Technology The Construction Report What’s New in the World of Construction Technology Take-Offs A New Age for Construction Guest Column Are you Building an Elephant in

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2017 Constructech Top Products: Find the Right Tools

Find the Right Tools

For residential homebuilders, a number of factors are impacting business. The economic conditions continue to change, a new president will soon enter office, and businesses are lean. But perhaps one of the biggest factors impacting the construction industry is the evolution of technology.

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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Developers and production homebuilders have seen boom and bust throughout the past decade. Now, the scene is growing more stable and housing starts are increasing.

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Connected Truck of the Year 2017

Connected Truck of the Year 2017

If a working man is only as good as his tools, perhaps the most important tool of all is the one that lugs all the other tools around—the truck. However, in today’s connected world, a pickup truck is more than just a way to transport people, tools, and materials to and from a jobsite. The modern truck can serve as a mobile office for construction workers and jobsite managers who are almost always on the go, conducting crucial business away from the office.

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Technology 20 Years in the Making – Are You Ready for 2017?

Technology 20 Years in the Making - Are You Ready for 2017?

Much has changed, and yet also much has stayed the same in the last 20 years. In 1998, when Constructech magazine first launched, the coverlines read, “Building Better Communication via the Internet,” “Bringing Computer Technology to the Jobsite,” and “Y2K: Ready or Not.”

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New Year, New Technology

New Year, New Technology

Wearables, mobile, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), BIM (building information modeling): Which will disrupt your construction business in the year ahead?

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Are You Building An Elephant in Our Living Rooms?

Are You Building An Elephant in Our Living Rooms?

There it was, right in front of me on my smartphone. As I sat in the neighborhood restaurant looking for their Wi-Fi hotspot, the last thing I expected to see was an open connection to the restaurant’s thermostat.

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