During the past few years, the construction industry has seen a number of equity partnerships that are shaping how technology is leveraged. The trend continues, as another investor is taking interest in a platform that offers 3D models of real-world spaces, which could transform AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence), and so much more.

The latest example of an investor taking interest in emerging technology comes from Ericsson Ventures, www.ericsson.com, Stockholm, Sweden, and Matterport, matterport.com,  Sunnyvale, Calif., which offers a platform for quickly and easily creating, understanding, and distributing 3D models of real-world spaces.

The company also has a library of 3D space data, consisting of more than half a million 3D models of real-world spaces, fueling its use of deep learning to create the next generation of AI-based computer vision technologies for the digital reconstruction and detailed understanding of spaces.

Ericsson Ventures has joined its growing list of strategic investors with a $5 million investment. Matterport plans to use the funds to accelerate its deep learning R&D (research and development) efforts, extend its end-to-end platform, and further its leadership position in 3D and VR business solutions, while building out its global infrastructure.

This is yet another example of how investors are taking an interest in emerging technologies that will impact the construction industry.