The heart of any construction project is the data. It gives insights into project operations and financials. It is the lifeblood for ensuring projects are complete on time and on budget. Technology companies recognize this and continue to create partnerships that will help contractors tap into that data.

Recently, Constructech reported that a few of the big construction software providers were making big moves that will lead to greater mobility and data sharing in the construction industry. The trend continues today, with the announcement of integration between Procore Construction Financials and eCMS ERP from Computer Guidance Corp.

Enabling near realtime data exchange and standardized business processes across field project operations and corporate financial management disciplines, eCMS Connect for Procore is built on a flexible and efficient Web Services platform.

The companies say the integration of the two solutions will allow for single point of data entry, which can then be displayed and used across the enterprise, which will result in consistent and accurate information and allow for automated business processes.

This builds on Computer Guidance’s Project Collaborator, which is a project management and collaboration application within its eCMS ERP application suite.

eCMS Connect for Procore is specifically designed for mutual clients and Procore users who are looking to manage project costs, financial reporting, project submittals, RFIs (requests for information), contracts, schedules, drawings, and more. The project also allows for on demand and realtime collaboration for all team members—regardless of location and job responsibility.

Construction companies need access to data. As technology companies continue to create partnerships to streamline how data flows through a project, contractors will have more opportunities to improve collaboration, project efficiency, and the bottomline.

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