Coming out of the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, countries will be seeking way to employ hundreds of thousands of workers who had lost their jobs and won’t be able to return to their former companies because those firms have gone out of business. In addition, structural changes in the way governments deal with the aftereffects of the pandemic will have an impact on the workforce. One approach being discussed vigorously is to create massive infrastructure renewal projects to put people to work.

CG/LA Infrastructure, a firm that specializes in infrastructure concepts and development, created the Blueprint 2025 Project Stimulus Map, an interactive digital platform that identifies more than 550 infrastructure projects with the potential to revive the U.S. economy through strategic investments. These projects cover all infrastructure sectors—energy, transportation, water, social-healthcare, and information technology—and have an overall investment value of approximately $1 trillion. If enacted, the projects have the potential to create approximately 2.4 million jobs over the life of the project as well as jobs supporting the project, including manufacturing jobs for the materials and equipment that goes into doing the project.

The map was developed and refined over the last two years to enable Blueprint 2025 members – which include public and private sector leaders – to share and assess information needed to move these vital projects forward. Each project featured on the map is either through or nearly through the permitting process and could break ground in 2020. This is especially important in the current environment, as robust and targeted infrastructure investment has been shown to be one of the strongest drivers of economic recovery.

CG/LA warns, however, that public funds alone cannot achieve the innovative and robust levels of investment needed to jumpstart the economy. It is critical to change the infrastructure investment model and get the private sector – especially pension funds – to make the investment required to transform the economy. Over the next three to five years, states and municipalities will operate at a 30% deficit as they work to recover from COVID-19-generated budget cuts, saving jobs and businesses. To address the budget shortfalls and ensure critical infrastructure projects can move forward, CG/LA is devising strategies to help effectively mobilize private investment – whether directly, through a national infrastructure bank or through state infrastructure financing and other options. These collaborations are intended to bring speed to the design, construction, and operation of U.S. infrastructure.

Blueprint 2025 is dedicated to the transformation of the domestic infrastructure market through the injection of private investment into strategic projects. The Project Stimulus Map was created and intended to support the group’s broader efforts to fuel America’s infrastructure revolution.


No. of Projects

Cost (USD millions)

No. of Direct Jobs Created3


(Distribution, Hydro, Natural Gas, Renewables, Transmission, Pipelines, LNG, etc.)





(Airports, Bridges, Freight Rail, Highways, Urban Highways, Transit, Multimodal, Ports & Logistics, Tunnels)





(Wastewater, Water Supply, Irrigation, Stormwater)









Information Technology




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