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“InEight is making big strides to provide an interoperable platform for the entire lifecycle, solving an age-old challenge in the industry: interoperability. It is so inspiring to see a company with so much passion addressing this head on.” —Constructech editors

A newcomer to the list, InEight develops construction project-management software that enables contractors, engineers, and owners to manage projects.

What makes this company unique is its deep roots in construction and capital projects. InEight’s knowledge of the industry led it to develop solutions that span every stage of the project lifecycle—from design, estimate, field execution, to turnover—and it’s modular, meaning professionals can take advantage of solutions that best fit their business.

The objective is to give project stakeholders realtime information and insights to minimize project risks, achieve predictable outcomes, and improve operational efficiency. The company has built its solutions on an open, flexible, and interoperable technology platform, with a focus on reporting, dashboards, project-cost management, field execution, project administration, virtual design and construction, and document management and control.

Founded in 1989, InEight has made some pretty big moves in recent months including introducing InEight Project Suite in May 2017, followed by the acquisition of QA Software in March 2018, which brings its TeamBinder document management and collaboration solution into InEight’s company. The acquisition will combine the project-management and document-management software, integrating the capabilities. This will also provide global expansion opportunity, especially in Asia Pacific and North America.

The company has been building software solely for the construction and capital projects industries for nearly three decades. Before the solutions are put to work on projects, they are fully evaluated with Kiewit and companies that make up the InEight Industry Advisory Board. It also offers, in-person, online, and custom training programs.

The company believes that the industry is entering a new era of construction, one in which everyone involved on a construction project must innovate. As such, it is delivering technology advancements that are changing the industry and solving the age-old problem of completing projects on time and on budget.

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