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14142 Denver West Parkway, Ste. 255

Lakewood, CO 80401

+1 720.974.6190

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HomeSphere creates long-term relationships between builders and manufacturers through a marketplace fueled by a centralized source of home product data. As an innovator, HomeSphere helps its customers and the industry.

The company’s team is dedicated, passionate, collaborative, and fun, as it strives to be a diverse team that represents a wide range of people.

It takes a top-down approach to inspiring employees, with its motto “do what you say you will do” being a huge part of that. Employees work hard, while the company also honors work-life balance and supports the community outside of company walls. The partnership with Homes For Our Troops gives it a shared mission beyond work.

HomeSphere prides itself that it is constantly learning and evolving and that its platform is unlike anything else in the industry.

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