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Launching roughly 19 years ago, HomeSphere’s Builders Rebate and Incentive (BRI) rebate engine is at the heart of HomeSphere’s services. Products built on this core technology enable single-family and multifamily homebuilders to manage manufacturer incentives, track projects, and discover new building products.

At the same time, product manufacturers can analyze information from its builder incentive programs to better understand market performance.

The company has taken some big steps in the past year, both to enhance its offerings and grow its customer base. In 2017, the company invested in a major overhaul  of its technology platforms and continues to add new products to its foundation.

Following that up, in March of this year, HomeSphere released HomeSphere-IQ, which provides builder channel information that allows the whole manufacturer enterprise—including sales, marketing, and operations departments—to analyze data from builder incentive programs.

With this data in hand, both builders and manufacturers will be able to plan more effectively using product usage data—the result is builders and manufacturers can better track and manage earned incentives and analyze earnings down to the home address or subdivision level to evaluate where they might be missing out on additional savings.

HomeSphere counts more than 2300 builders as members, who have completed more than 17% of homes built in U.S. last year.

Extending its data leadership for the industry is a primary focus for HomeSphere, as it develops sophisticated analytics. HomeSphere is digitizing the  U.S. home inventory inside and out one home at a time.

HomeSphere continues to be the leading digital marketplace connecting major building product manufacturers and local builders. The company’s vision and focus will ultimately help the industry as well as homebuilders gain deeper insights in to products and find the right products and materials—all while earning incentives and developing relationships with building product manufacturers.

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