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Inspires customers to do more with tech

Focused on making the complex simple

Tech that is robust and accurate

Market Movers:

Fuel innovative research

Development of IoT

Advancement around data analytics

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“Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon AB, is driven to help the construction industry solve complex challenges, and it does this by partnering with its customers.” —Constructech editors

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Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon AB, is shaping change through three of its core values: its innovative, customer-centric, and entrepreneurial nature drives it to reimagine the nature of products and even introduce new categories of products that haven’t existed before.

The company is laser-focused on making the complex simple, while still offering a solution that is both robust and accurate for its users. It’s mission is to deliver actionable information through technologies that empower both employees and customers to reach their full potential and shape smart change across diverse industry landscapes.

In conjunction with this, its vision is to play a leading role in the effort to solve the challenges our world is facing by delivering information technologies that fuel possibility for the construction industry.

The company recognizes that its employees are leading the innovation—and thus has a key aim on finding the right people. At the same time, it is highly focused on helping its customers solve its complex problems.

Leica Geosystems has been a leader in measurement technology for almost 200 years and has the vision of simplifying measurement down to a single button push whenever possible. But, make no mistake, what is going on inside the instrument is anything but simple, as it offers a high level of accuracy that has been central to its products.

Last year, Leica introduced the BLK 360 laser scanner, which made good on the vision of a single-button scanner. In June, at its global customer conference, the company made additional big steps forward, introducing its new midrange laser scanner, the RTC360, which features onboard cameras that enable it to track its own position in the field to speed registration. Leica also introduced the iCON 70 and 80 robotic total stations, as well as new iCON 4.0 field software for building and heavy civil construction.

Finally, the new BLK3D is a whole new category of product—a 3D imager—which uses a calibrated stereo camera and edge computing to make images measurable in realtime.

Leica Geosystems, and its parent Hexagon, are committed to driving disruptive innovation and bringing the next generation of information technologies to construction companies, and is doing this by targeting its employees and customers, all while driving forward its mission.

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