We hear a lot about climate change and what countries and companies must do to slow down the advance of global warming. What we often miss is that there are companies in our industry that are doing something to meet that challenge. Designers and contractors have adopted LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and seek LEED certification for their work in creating sustainable and green buildings.

Many of the aspects of certification can be best handled through appropriate applications. Green Badger, a LEED certification solution provider, recently announced that it will take LEED to heart and implement several sustainability initiatives, including a total offsetting of the company’s carbon emissions.

Green Badger provides cloud-based automation and compliance solutions for the green construction industry. It cuts the time spent on LEED paperwork up to 65%, saving owners and project teams valuable time and money, making LEED projects more accessible and eco-friendly.

Green Badger’s comprehensive push for carbon neutrality includes a program called Ten-for-One, in which the company, in alliance with One Tree Planted, a global reforestation organization, will plant 10 trees for every one Green Badger project subscription. To date, Green Badger has successfully planted 3,100 trees in Florida, providing much-needed assistance to forest and wildlife recovery after the devastation of Hurricane Michael.

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