If it wasn’t for a booming market for cement in China, 2019 consumption would be considered flat. Even with the rise in demand in China, which reached an estimated 2.28 billion tons, up 4.9% over the year before, and representing 56% of global consumption, the worldwide consumption was only 2.8% higher than 2018 according to the Global Cement Report, 13th Edition.

Excluding China, world cement consumption is estimated to have remained at 1.81 billion tons, rising by just 0.3%, year-on-year. Growth in the world’s second-largest market, India, was weaker than expected at 3% in 2019, but the previous year’s annual growth exceeded 15% giving it a strong base.

US demand is estimated to have expanded by 2.1 per cent in 2019, pushing overall consumption back over the 100 (million ton) mark for the first time since 2007, the starting point of the market’s collapse during the Great Recession.

By region, the highest growth rates were recorded in sub-Saharan Africa at 5-6%, although the combined region represents just 101 million tons of cement consumption – equal to the entire U.S. On a per capita basis, sub-Saharan African countries have some of the lowest consumption levels worldwide. As a region, per capita cement consumption is just 91kg, compared to the global average of 521kg, reflecting both the huge potential of the region in the future, but also the low level of development at present.

Similarly, the Global Cement Market (Production, Consumption, Imports & Exports): Insight, Trends and Forecast (2019-2021) report from ResearchAndMarkets.com predicts the global cement consumption volume to reach 4.42 billion ton in 2021, growing at an annual rate of 2.96% for the period 2018-2021.

Factors such as increasing construction activities, rising urbanization and higher disposable income will drive the growth. However, the growth of the market would be challenged by depleting fossil fuel reserves. A few notable trends include expansion of civil engineering sector on a global scale, rising demand for “green” cement and increasing infrastructure projects in developing regions.

The global cement industry is expanding in terms of production as well as consumption volume. The rise in construction activities is promoting the cement demand considerably, demand for cement from civil engineering is rising strongly, due to the increasing investment by government on residential as well as public work sectors, and these factors enable the cement manufacturers to produce cement on a large scale and thereby raise consumption volume.

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