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“We are always inspired when we see a company that understands the IoT will change the way construction works and is applying it to help increase greater visibility. GCP Applied Technologies gets it, and is changing the playing field as we know it.” —Constructech editors

New to the list this year, GCP Applied Technologies has an impressive portfolio of construction product technologies that includes concrete and cement additives, building materials, and data, intelligence and software.

Its product innovation dates back to 1935 when a new class of cement grinding aids was created—and that innovation continues to drive GCP. In 2008, it introduced in-transit concrete management technology for ready mix concrete producers.

Then, in 2016, W.R. Grace separated into two independent public companies, W.R. Grace & Co. and GCP Applied Technologies.

Flash forward to today, and GCP Applied Technologies is now offering VERIFI In-transit Concrete Management System, CONCERA Admixtures for Control Flow Concrete, and SILCOR Liquid Waterproofing. In addition, it is advancing the tunneling and mining segments with TYTRO system solutions.

The VERIFI In-transit Concrete Management System continuously monitors and reports on the truck delivery phase and concrete properties via cloud-connected sensors. When concrete slump is not on target, it automatically makes the necessary adjustment by adding the precise quantity of water or admixtures to the concrete mix.

For construction companies, this means being able to monitor, measure, and manage each batch’s properties in realtime from plant to the jobsite and back. This ultimately lowers material costs and results in fewer delays throughout a project.

The company is dedicated to developing new high-performance products and construction technologies that will change the way infrastructure is built in the future. Going a step further, it also has a focus on sustainable design, which minimizes negative environmental impacts and extends the structure’s useful life.

GCP Applied Technologies’ presence reaches to more than 100 countries and 57 manufacturing locations. Some of the company’s core values include: applied knowledge, a professional demeanor with clients, clear and focused priorities, exceeding expectations, and ultimately customer success. While the company has good partnerships with clients, it is ultimately GCP Applied Technologies’ vision for the construction industry that helps it stand out.

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