I have been thinking a lot lately about how data moves through the construction lifecycle of a project—from design, to construction, and ultimately maintenance and management of a facility.

In my head, I have this vision of how that look. Data is generated in the design phase, and shared with everyone throughout the entire project. It is then saved and shared with the project owner, and this exact same data is used on every single remodeling project in the future. I have written articles, and worked with our production team to illustrate graphics, about how this would work. It is beautiful in concept, but tough to achieve in reality.

I think a big part of this is the lack of interoperability—and this is something we have been talking about here at Constructech for years. We need standards to achieve this vision, but I am not sure it will happen overnight. Perhaps it won’t even happen in my lifetime.

Still, this has me thinking quite a bit about the lifecycle of a construction project—specifically design. Too often, articles that address construction technology, focus either on design, engineering, construction, or maintenance. But I believe we need to look at everything simultaneously—because one impacts the next.

Here is one recent example: IR Architects recently launched ARV (Architectural Virtual Reality) Studio, which will produce interactive VR walkthroughs of real-estate properties. Clients wear a VR headset and can see a visual representation of the room. This facilitates approvals and revisions, and will even produce VR models of current and future property listings.

This is a great case of how technology continues to advance in the design stage. My question is: How will it extend to construction and operations? Let’s continue this discussion. What are your thoughts? How can we connect design, construction, and operations?

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Laura Black
Laura Blackeditor