Construction is universal. Methods may change from country to country but building—and excavating—is done all over the world. What is developed in one country, however, may not benefit others if it remains a secret. Looking at the methodology used in other nations helps us all.

With subway and underground utility tunneling resuming in many parts of the U.S., knowing what is being done in other parts of the world can be helpful. In France, Condat, a specialist in surface chemistry and industrial lubricants, has partnered with Sigfox, a leading IoT (Internet of Things)-service provider and initiator of the 0G network, and its long-term integrator delaware, to create CondatLink, an IoT solution capable of helping tunnel boring machine operators to better manage their supply and stock of sealant on construction sites. delaware specializes in digital transformation with technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, intelligent applications, IoT, virtual and augmented reality.

With more than 25 years of experience in tunneling, Condat has an international reputation and is a leader in the manufacture and supply of tail seal greases, products designed for tunnel construction in wet areas. Tail seal greases are essential for tunneling in the event of water ingress, as job sites risk being delayed and, in the worst case, may even be submerged.

Although Condat delivers all over the world, until now sales teams worked with customers to estimate requirements, without being able to obtain precise information on sealant consumption. Using Sigfox 0G network, covering more than 70 countries and fully integrated into Condat’s SAP enterprise planning system, CondatLink will enable more precise information about the level of consumption of sealant on building sites using a connected device that monitors the opening and closing of sealant drums.

The device is attached to drums as soon as they leave the production plant. It is small, light, and has a minimum of one-year battery life. It uses Sigfox Monarch (international frequency management) and Atlas (geolocation) technologies, emitting a message regularly to signal the location of the drum (asset tracking) while sending regular messages indicating its change of state when the drum is opened (asset monitoring).

The information obtained by this device is sent to Condat and its clients via the Sigfox 0G network and is available on a dedicated tracking application. The platform, a dashboard, allows the customer to track consumption and stock, and Condat to manage its deliveries worldwide.

Condat, with delaware and Sigfox, wanted to pay attention to the ecodesign and optimization of the battery. Moreover, the optimization of transport and the better planning of deliveries, obtained via this solution, enable the company to avoid air transport as much as possible and, therefore, to greatly reduce its carbon footprint, making CondatLink environmentally positive.

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