Wildfires know no boundaries and respect no affiliation. It’s fitting, therefore, that companies that might be competitors in other circumstances band together to fight the fires that challenge others.

Crews from Con Edison and O&R (Orange & Rockland) Utilities deployed to California to help restore power to customers of PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric). Following safety training with PG&E, the 20 Con Edison and O&R electric line workers and support personnel will help conduct safety patrols and line inspections. The inspections will ensure that it is safe to re-energize the lines once the weather conditions contributing to wildfires subside.

Consolidated Edison Co., of New York is a regulated utility providing service in New York City and Westchester County; Orange and Rockland Utilities, serves customers in a 1,300-sq.-mile-area in southeastern New York State and northern New Jersey. The Con Edison and O&R personnel will be based in Sacramento and remain to assist PG&E for as long as needed.

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