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Explorer Software
202-1868 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC, Canada V7V 1J6

Integrated Solution Enhances Customization
Explorer Software’s flagship product, Eclipse, is an integrated job cost, accounting, equipment control, and project-management solution that provides realtime data to decisionmakers when and where they need it. Eclipse bridges the gap between accounting and operations, allowing users to leverage analytical tools and maximize business efficiency. The company released key enhancements in the past year that allow for more in-depth customization and usability. Eclipse now offers customers more control over new releases based on their needs, a new payroll input screen for enhanced customization, a new packaging feature that makes it easier to send and track documents, and a new forms designer.

“By going out of its way to get feedback from users, Explorer Software will continue to advance Eclipse with each and every release. The company’s focus on understanding the needs of different types of construction customers allows it to deliver a powerful solution that gets the job done.”
Constructech editors