Explorer Eclipse
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Explorer Software
220-145 Chadwick Court
North Vancouver, B.C. V7M 3K1

Bridge the Gap
Explorer Eclipse offers companies an integrated browser-based solution, providing realtime data to users. With the system, users can manage jobs, maintain equipment, and track their workforce. The company says with more than 30 modules, Eclipse bridges the gap between accounting and operations. What makes this product truly unique is custom dashboards and innovative technology such as OCR (optical character recognition) and GPS (global positioning system) tagging, which identifies, files, and stores documents such as RFIs (request for information), photos, submittals, and drawings. Explorer has also been adding some key new enhancements to this product in the past year, including AIR (automated invoice routing), launchpad, bid solicitation, a new mapping analytic, and enhanced forms designer.

“As an integrated browser-based solution, Explorer Eclipse provides realtime data to users. The product has some key updates in the past year, including a new mapping analytic using GPS coordinates to accurately map and display job, equipment, and project information.” —Constructech editors

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