While many companies are slowly reopening, others in the technology segment have been busy all along. Remote work isn’t possible when the job requires hitting a nail on the head but much easier when the end product is a software solution. And many software companies have run remote operations for years, so the current stage isn’t drastic. What is happening, and how it helps construction companies, makes for an interesting story.

As an example, McCormick Companies Group, a provider of software solutions for the construction industry, has acquired TriBuild Construction Management Software. TriBuild Construction Management Software is a SaaS (Software-as-a Service) solution designed for specialty trade contractors to manage their construction projects. It allows contractors to standardize important project operations like submittals, RFI’s (requests for information), and change orders in a cloud-based system.

Most recently, TriBuild added to its product’s functionality with a new module for time tracking. This new module allows field workers to record their time on a project and assign it to the appropriate cost center. McCormick Systems, Inc. develops, markets, and supports estimating software for the construction industry and will now offer both a leading estimating system as well as this highly developed project management solution.

In an effort to aid those companies that have moved office operation offsite, Bentley Systems, a provider of comprehensive software and digital twin services, has opened up its LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer software, including waiving new subscription fees through Sept. 30, 2020, for facilities managers to incorporate pedestrian simulation methodologies across their planning, design, and operations teams.

With social distancing and crowd management growing concerns, OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator software can help station owners, planning and design firms, and facilities operators to develop models, simulate crowd movement, analyze foot traffic, and optimize space utilization of infrastructure assets such as rail and metro stations, airports, retail and commercial complexes, hospitals, and stadiums. OpenBuildings Station Designer’s BIM environment provides 3D context for LEGION’s included pedestrian simulation to create an operational digital twin to improve safety, efficiency, and security, while mitigating risk.

LEGION Simulator helps users solve new planning and operations challenges in: validating social distancing plans while helping to ensure safe operations; ensuring space maximization, activities distribution and controlled egress/ingress; modeling safe and comfortable wayfinding strategies and evacuation plans; and providing virtual, collaborative planning, design and operations reviews.

LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer also offer the continued long-term benefits of a BIM collaboration environment that avoids data silos, coordination delays, and other limitations that result from the separation of planning and design workflows.

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