Electric trucks are both here and coming. Companies devoted to the truck-side of EV (electric vehicle) development are proliferating while their designs are more and more advanced, both from an engineering and aesthetic point of view. From compact urban to huge over-the-road semi tractors, EVs will soon show up on jobsites around the world, as delivery vehicles or worker’s transportation.

The medium and heavy-duty truck market is evolving. In the face of tightening CO2 emission legislation for new trucks and increasing pressure to limit people’s exposure to hazardous air pollutants in city centers, a much cleaner source of power is required in the future. According to a report from IDTechEx, The future is either battery-electric or fuel cell electric vehicles. They deliver a zero on-road emission solution that immediately protects people from PM and NOx emissions in urban areas and passes the burden of decarbonization from vehicle manufacturers on to the generators of electricity.

Tropos Technologies Inc.

Technology companies like Panasonic are working in collaboration with EV developers, in their case Tropos Motors, to create the connected EV truck. Two multi-technology production-ready compact utility commercial vehicles have come from the Panasonic-Tropos partnership. These fleet truck concepts are powered by Panasonic’s proprietary software and cloud services platform OneConnect and represent an accessible and agile approach to trucking in tight spaces.

Outfitted with a Panasonic tablet to track or receive information and equipped with OneConnect analytics to provide battery / maintenance health as well as tampering and theft analytics, the ABLE Trades is a fully electric truck designed to meet the needs of facilities and maintenance crews, commercial fleets, and small business. With the payload and towing capacity of a mid-size truck, this compact utility truck is suitable for small spaces: it is 55-in. wide and has an ultra-tight 12.5-ft. turning radius.

RivianRivian R1T is both an automotive and a technology company focused on pure electric pickup trucks and SUVs. Their vehicles are designed with off-road capabilities, 400+ miles range, and 0-60 mph acceleration in just 3 seconds. As of 2019, Rivian had secured nearly $2 billion in investment from global companies including Amazon, Ford, and Cox Automotive. The company will start delivering its first electric pickup trucks in the last quarter of 2020.

The Neuron EV T-ONE is claimed to be the world’s first modular electric utility vehicle with a platform that can take on various truck bodies, offering value through modular technology. The Neuron EV TORQ is a pure electric semi-truck developed for the commercial transportation industry. Neuron believes that renewable and upgradeable solutions are key to reducing waste and managing the lifecycle of product creation. It recently opened showrooms in Hollywood, Calif. and Shanghai, China.

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