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Customer-centric approach to everything it does

Employee interaction is encouraged with emphasis on peer-to-peer recognition

Ongoing education to its clients throughout the year


Acquired 20 products and continues to integrate into suite

Peer recognition platform for its employees

Award recognition for its clients making a difference in the community

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“ECi Software Solutions has made some big acquisition moves in the past several years, but continues to integrate the products and employees into the culture of the company, which directly helps its clients succeed.” —Constructech editors

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ECi Software Solutions takes a customer-centric approach to everything it does, with the goal of helping its clients compete in the marketplace. The company believes that the right technology is key to being competitive and it has invested in a wide range of industry-specific software solutions to enable its clients to be the best in the market.

To give recognition to its customer base, ECi established the Everyday Hero award, which recognizes customers that are giving back.

This is all demonstrated by the company’s core values, which are defined by the CODE: crave greatness, own the outcome, deliver awesome, and embrace community. Throughout the company, employee interaction is encouraged with an emphasis on, collaborative work teams, quarterly Town Hall meetings, and fun events. ECi also encourages its employees to care for each other and actively improve the quality of their teams.

Also, the organization has established High5, which is a peer recognition platform that allows employees to recognize and award each other for things like outstanding achievements and acts of everyday excellence.

As a provider of end-to-end ERP (enterprise resource planning) technology, the company offers free educational webinars to explore common industry trends and offer tips for success. This is in addition to the ongoing education that is offered through its biennial user conference, which offers breakout sessions geared toward varying level of expertise on industry technology, trends, and insights.

Having made more than 20 acquisitions in the last nine years, integrating new products into the ECi suite ensures the company is constantly evolving and promoting profitable growth in the markets that it serves.

As a result of the numerous acquisitions made by ECi, the company is comprised of 1,200 employees in 14 cities around the world. Because of this, the company created the Community Heartbeat Program, which encourages employees to give back to their diverse local communities and engage with organizations that spark their own passion for serving.

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