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“ECi Software Solutions has taken technology that is a staple in residential construction and helped catapult it to the next level. The company brings together its code of values with an innovative approach to serving the market.” —Constructech editors

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More known by its former name, MarkSystems has served the construction industry for more than 35 years and became part of ECi Software Solutions in 2017. A provider of cloud-based, industry-specific ERP software solutions, ECi acquired MarkSystems and LotVue to expand its offerings to the lumber and building material communities and to help it achieve the next phase of its growth.

As part of the residential construction group of ECi, MarkSystems has grown its reach to Canada and introduced more advanced features during the past year. Here’s a few examples: a new API (application programing interface) enables tighter integrations; the Internet ToolKit gives field personnel more support with new vendor notifications; and LotVue mapping system software debuted 3D visualization of multi-family home inventory, allowing property managers to determine and present suitable options for buyers.

Drilling deeper, the company offers a single database to its residential homebuilder customers, which has a number of advantages including: realtime access to data that improves efficiency and accuracy in reporting, shortened build cycles, improved internal communication, and ensured data accuracy from acquisition to close-out. All this comes together to enable the company to give its customers a product that works the way the industry does.

Looking beyond the technology it offers, ECi has its pulse on the  construction market and lives by a unique CODE of company values: crave greatness, own the outcome, deliver awesome, and embrace community.

The technology company aims to foster employee interaction through an emphasis on peer-to-peer recognition, public encouragement of each other, and collaborative work teams, among other factors.

The company clearly has a passion for what it does—from serving its clients to building new, innovative software.

Bringing residential products into the fold of the company, ECi Software Solutions is demonstrating that it is a big player when it comes to satisfying customer needs across building and construction.

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