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Smarter Construction

New to the market in 2015, LotVue is a family of application that enables the construction industry to collaborate and engage. The product offers interactive and scalable site maps to allow users to easily visualize lot inventory with access to backoffice information about lots within the map. LotBuzz allows prospective buyers of lots or homes to engage with a Web-based site map to learn about lot status, pricing, and see pictures associated with each lot, while LotInsight is a portal for homebuilders and property developers to collaborate with all team members and stakeholders. As a hosted application that is integrated with existing backoffice products, LotVue reaches all the stakeholders involved in a homebuilding project.

“It is encouraging to see a new product emerge from ECi MarkSystems that targets collaboration and engagement. LotVue stands out as a new way for builders, developers, and community management companies to share data.” —Constructech editors