Drones represent a huge opportunity in the construction industry today—and in the future. Goldman Sachs, for instance, predicts a $100 billion market opportunity for drones by 2020. Naturally, consumer and military are big opportunities, but it actually predicts that the fastest growth will happen in businesses and civil governments, with an expectation that they will spend $13 billion on drones between now and 2020.

The construction industry is one that is quickly discovering the benefits of drones in the space—and some technology companies are making big moves that will make it easier to do inspection-surveying.

Case in point: Topcon Positioning Group recently announced the Intel Perpetual License Inspection-Surveying provision for the Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition will now be included with the system. The license will include flight planning using desktop software, quick survey flights, allowing planning of automated flights in the field, and more.

This comes as Topcon Positioning Group also announces new software designed to facilitate data processing workflow for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) infrastructure inspection—Magnet Inspect. This software manages large UAV data sets to create inspection reports. At the same time, the company has released new updates to MAGNET Collage Web, which is its service for sharing and analysis of reality capture data that provides key improvements to compatibility with Topcon ContextCapture, powered by Bentley Systems.

At Bentley Systems Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference, Topcon and Bentley also announced new developments in the constructioneering workflow initiative.

While many construction companies are already leveraging drones at the construction jobsite, this is just the beginning. With new advances for flight planning and infrastructure inspection available, construction professionals have opportunities to expand and enrich how they leverage UAVs on projects. As businesses and governments continue to pick up the pace at which they invest in drones, construction will be one that benefits from new technologies.

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