All year we have been honing in on the worker shortage that is taking place in the construction industry. It is a challenge that is being felt by companies across the country. This is why I was intrigued when CareerBuilder released its best jobs for workers who want to get ahead in 2018. Did construction make the list?

First let me set the stage with the background of the study: CareerBuilder released a list of jobs that can give workers the building blocks to jump-start a career and get ahead. It looks at jobs that are projected to grow during the next five years, present good learning opportunities, and don’t require a college degree.

Naturally, when I read these requirements, my mind immediately jumped to skilled construction trades, and sure enough when I flipped through the study, construction laborer made the list.

This career joined others such as computer user support specialist, human resources specialist, medical assistant, retail salesperson, teacher assistant, and administrative assistant. Side note: looking at the list, I am seeing a tech trend that is worth noting. AI (artificial intelligence) hasn’t come quite as far as we have thought, as there is still a very high need for assistants. But I digress.

According to CareerBuilder, there are a number of reasons to choose a job as a trade or laborer. For one, it offers great on-the-job training that teaches the fundamentals of the profession. It also does not require formal educational credential. The study also shows that there will be 959,471 jobs this year. Additionally, this will grow by 78,425 through 2023.

Everyone involved in the construction industry recognizes that there is big opportunities to become a laborer. There is a great need to fill jobs. It is encouraging to see outside organizations recognize it as one of the “best jobs” for workers who want to get ahead in 2018. Perhaps more research such as this will help the industry as a whole in the future.

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Laura Black
Laura Blackeditor