I believe taking a peek inside university programs and research provides good insight into technology trends that will be coming on a global scale in the future. For today, let’s look inside Carnegie Mellon University.

Recently it unveiled a new center that will build more intelligence into computer networks—and I believe this will have a direct impact on construction, and here’s why. It will change how cities and communities are built and connected.

Let’s take a closer look at the new center to get a complete picture. Researchers from six different universities are collaborating in the CONIX Research Center that is headquartered at Carnegie Mellon. It will create the architecture for networked computing that lies between edge devices and the cloud. This will be critical to IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

The center is looking to solve the challenge associated with massive amounts of sensor data and technical constraints that have created bottlenecks in the network. Researchers are looking into how machine-learning techniques that are often used in cloud computing can be used to self-optimize networks to improve performance and defend against cyberattacks.

The research being done here is driven by three key applications: smart and connected communities; enhanced situational awareness at the edge; and interactive mixed reality.

Specifically in connected communities, researchers will explore mechanism for processing sensor feeds in urban environments. This will lay the groundwork for all kinds of infrastructure management in the future.

I do believe the research being conducted here will ultimately impact work that is being done in the construction industry—especially as contractors begin to build more connected cities.

What are your thoughts? How will this research directly impact your business? What do you believe is needed to solve some of the technical constraints that have created bottlenecks in the network?

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