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Custom Coordination

Donny Wyatt, founder and CEO, CoConstruct,, Charlottesville, Va., recently sat down with Constructech to discuss how its new technology will transform homebuilding.

Constructech: How has your product evolved in the past year, and what is coming next?

Wyatt: CoConstruct expanded its proposal customizations to support more financial structures, greater financial transparency, and more ways to show/hide margins, such as from markups in allowances, from would-be clients. CoConstruct rebuilt its to-do management (including warranty management) with a completely new user interface that allows for even faster interactions with a modern feel.

Also, CoConstruct introduced the ability to capture a signatures digitally to further enhance its secure change order approval process (and) upgraded this integration to allow easier posting & enhanced branding so builders get even more free publicity from their happy clients. Further, CoConstruct continued to invest in its mobile app by increasing speed and supporting popular features such as mass photo uploads.

CoConstruct’s live, 2-day training events have helped our builders to accelerate their progress through hands-on learning and to form networks with non-competing builders to share best practices. CoConstruct updated the time clock feature to include GPS tracking directly from the mobile app. With an unparalleled, at-a-glance view for managers, builders can enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing where their employees are clocking in and out in relation to the jobsite. CoConstruct added support to allow builders to never re-enter financial and spec information twice, even when managing purchase orders via QuickBooks.

Constructech: How will your product help builders improve business in 2017?

Wyatt: Software firms have served the residential construction sector for many years. But, often contractors never really adopt the software because the devil is in the details—and if those details don’t perform correctly, or don’t work the way the builder thinks, no matter how big the feature list, the software will never deliver the promised results.

CoConstruct’s customers already appreciate the level of care that has gone into getting those details right for our existing feature set. But, in 2017, we’ll be tackling the details that cause other systems to fall short in other areas or that have prevented builders from moving to an all-in-one platform. As a result, more contractors will be able to get more utility from CoConstruct’s already comprehensive suite of project, client, and financial management features.

Constructech: What makes the product unique? How are you different from your competitors?

Wyatt: A system can offer many modules and features under a single login. However, does the information flow from one module into another? Does the system provide real savings on time and accuracy compared to using different systems? Does the system become worth more than the sum of its parts?

With its still unmatched set of features for coordinating projects, communicating with clients and crews, and controlling financials, the answer for CoConstruct is an absolute “yes.” And that internal integration is regularly recognized as an advantage compared to other systems that have rolled out some features faster, but in a siloed fashion.

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