Current Issue Commercial: March/April 2016

Get a taste for what is inside the pages of Constructech magazine! While you can read select columns on this site, there is so much more inside the print magazine.

Articles Only Available in March/April Print and App Edition:

Blueprint for Success: One company uses document-management technology to keep up with high demand.

Technology Solutions: Keeping hackers at bay by building a stronger foundation.

Enabling Technologies: How autonomous vehicles will impact the construction industry and infrastructure needs.

Construction Connected: Applications, benefits, and capacities of drones in the construction industry.

Departments Only Available in March/April Print and App Edition:

The Construction Report: Unwrap some of the latest findings in the world of construction technology including:

  • Data management on airport projects
  • New partnership for wearable devices
  • Updated cloud-based virtual workspaces
  • Surge for Windows 10
  • The next generation of construction executives

Take-offs: Identifying how 3D printing is used at Sundt and the latest news and upgrades for bidding and estimating technology.

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BIM Execution Plans

A phase shift takes place in large design and construction projects when they transform from large complicated systems into difficult complex adaptive systems.

We Can’t Return Where We Grew Up

Once upon a time, technology was pretty simple. There was a simple, serial process, input-process-output. Data was input, processed, and (hopefully) information came out.

Asking Why in Construction

This morning, as I drove to the office, I saw a young backpack-clad girl riding on a hoverboard. Putting aside for a moment potential fire fears and patent infringement concerns that recently arose in the U.S. market, I still ask myself, why?

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