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Smart Building Tools to Help Firms Work Smarter

As workers become more autonomous, it’s crucial for organizations to understand how and where employees are using flexible spaces so they can optimize usage and improve overall productivity. Integrated solutions deliver building intelligence data in realtime to optimize space, reduce costs, and drive efficiency.

By | 8/9/2017|

Measuring Up at the Jobsite

While on the jobsite contractors need to be able to measure distances quickly and easily. Whether it is measuring the distance between two walls or between two pipes, having the right tools to do so is crucial. Without proper measurements there could be consequences.

By | 8/3/2017|

Drone Advances Drive Construction

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), commonly known as drones, have a great deal of potential to be explored for commercial applications. Major industries, government agencies, and other organizations are all actively assessing the opportunity for drones to disrupt the market and create innovative business models.

By | 7/20/2017|