Connected Truck of the Year

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What Is the Connected Truck of the Year?

The Connected Truck of the Year recognizes one truck for the construction industry based on connectivity and a host of other key technology-driven features.

Chosen by the editorial team at Constructech magazine, this award honors the best truck that exemplifies a combination of convenience, safety, and infotainment into a sleek, stylish, and readily available model.

What are the judging criteria?

When judging the Connected Truck of the Year, Constructech editors evaluated trucks based on the following criteria:

  • Overall: Rating the overall technology platform used and technology involved
    • Technology platform
    • Connectivity options (e.g., 4G/LTE services; mobile hotspot capabilities)
    • Advanced and practical cloud-computing capabilities
  • Safety: Vehicle promotes a distraction-free drive
    • Hands-free features (e.g., mobile synching, audible text messaging)
    • Vehicle safety features (e.g., crash avoidance)
    • Emergency response services
    • Stolen vehicle/roadside assistance
  • Convenience: Feature and functions such as:
    • Remote access to vehicle (e.g., via smartphone)
    • Provides vehicle diagnostic information
    • Traffic and navigation features
    • Driver assistance programs
  • Infotainment:
    • Streaming content (music, videos, pictures)
    • Driver assistance programs
  • Price, Style, and Quality:
    • Fuel Economy
    • Efficiency
    • Towing and Hauling Capacities
    • Power/Performance Characteristics