Everything from tools to equipment is starting to become more connected with the advent of technologies such as the IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, and more.

While the trend is not new—Trimble announced its TirePulse Tire Monitoring System for fleets back in 2013 and Michelin has been offering smart, communicating tires since 2012—the movement is picking up momentum today.

One recent announcement comes from Continental, which makes tires for all types of vehicles from consumer to construction. The company recently released its complete tire line with an embedded tire pressure management system sensor installed from the factory.

While the Conti Coach, for use on motorcoaches, was the first tire line to feature the technology, the company also provides digital tire monitoring technology to lower the barriers to entry for fleets.

Continental offers multiple solutions for tire monitoring, including ContiPressureCheck to monitor a single vehicle, which sends realtime tire pressure and temperature data to the driver. ContiConnect Yard monitors multiple vehicles, sending data to a Web portal when a vehicle is within the range of the yard reader station. Finally, for vehicles that need an over-the-road connection, ContiPressureCheck Integrated sends data to telematics systems including Zonar, Geotab, Trimble’s PeopleNet, and more.

This is simply one example. Many of the equipment manufacturers and tire makers are continuing to look for new ways to connect equipment, in order to provide drivers with the data needed to keep a fleet moving.

As another recent example, Bridgestone is constantly working to develop cutting-edge digital mobility solutions. Such is the case with its CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric), which is this company’s concept for a vehicle of the future that collects data from tires and other parts of a vehicle.

Today, manufacturers are readying for a digital and autonomous age, providing the information needed to keep construction jobsites humming along in a manner that is both safe and productive.

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