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“Homebuilders need tools that will both engage customers and make building processes easier. Computer Presentation Systems is a company that recognizes this and partners with builders to help make that happen.”—Constructech editors

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Collaboration is essential in residential construction—and Computer Presentation Systems recognizes this and delivers solutions to builders. Founded initially in 1985, the technology company stands out because it offers marketing technology products in addition to its homebuilder solutions.

On the construction side, it has an enterprisewide suite of CRM (customer-relationship management), construction management, and warranty/customer service software. The technology is built on a single Microsoft SQL database that streamlines information flow from one product to the next throughout the purchase to post-closing lifecycle. As an alternative, homebuilders have the option to use each product as a standalone solution. In addition, the company has offered Web portals for vendors and homebuyers to also access relevant details on both cloud-based platforms and mobile devices.

Some of its solutions include: SalesTouch interactive touchscreens to enhance the sales office visit, CPS•CRM to manage the purchase process, FieldCollaborate to manage the construction phase, and WarrantyWatcher to handle the customer service phase.

Computer Presentation Systems has developed a reputation in the industry for having solutions that are both easy-to-use and economical. The company also provides implementation planning and technical support services—which add to the company’s objectives to offer timely implementation and ongoing quality.

The company believes that market disruption in the residential homebuilding industry is driven by technology—and it results in a shift in the balance of power between businesses and customers. This positions Computer Presentation Systems uniquely in the market because the company provides marketing technology in addition to its homebuilder solutions.

The company recognizes that homebuilders need to engage home shoppers with interactive content, while incorporating virtual tours, videos, and onsite registration. Computer Presentation Systems achieves this in a way that is both visual for the customer—while easily sharing the data with backoffice systems for the homebuilder. This vision for the construction market is what helps Computer Presentation Systems stand out.

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